Reserved Words and Changes

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Clean-up of Reserved Words Newly Reserved Words Keywords Added as Non-reserved Note

Asterisks (*) mark keywords that are reserved, or otherwise recognised by Firebird's grammar as keywords, but are not reserved words in the SQL standard.

Clean-up of Reserved Words

A. Peshkov

Tracker reference CORE-2638

The number of Firebird-specific reserved words has been reduced significantly, in order to mitigate the pain of keyword conflicts when converting other databases to Firebird. Where possible, words that are not reserved by the standard have been made non-reserved in Firebird's grammar.

A small list remains of words that are reserved in Firebird but not in the SQL standard. They are:

    ADD *       DB_KEY *    GDSCODE *      INDEX *

All other non-standard keywords previously reserved are now available for any reasonable purpose.

Newly Reserved Words

    SIMILAR               SQLSTATE

Keywords Added as Non-reserved

    AUTONOMOUS *          BIN_NOT *        CALLER *
    CHAR_TO_UUID *        COMMON *         DATA
    FIRSTNAME *           GRANTED          LASTNAME *
    MIDDLENAME *          MAPPING *        OS_NAME *
    SOURCE *              TWO_PHASE *      UUID_TO_CHAR *